Smart Conveyor

Stable & well-timed bunch feeding
CRM 100 Smart Conveyor

Over Wrapping Section

Accurate & quality wrapping
CRM 100 Over Wrapping Section

Ream Carrying Conveyor

For easy exit

Digital Batch Code Printer

For easy traceability
CRM 100 Digital Batch Code Printer

Delivery Table

Consistent output
CRM 100 Delivery Table

Gluing System

Hot melt nozzle spraying system
CRM 100 Gluing System

Side Wrapping Section

Tightly packed reams
CRM 100 Side Wrapping Section
  • Meter logo Max. Wrapping Speed 80 reams/minute
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Cut Size Ream Wrapping Machine

  • CRM 50 | CRM 100

Cut Size Ream Wrapping Machine is designed for high quality ream wrapping with fine paper. This machine is suitable to wrap A4, A3 and American legal & letter size. The machine is heavy duty, fully automated and comprised of infeed conveyor, wrapper roll unwinder unit, wrapper pulling and cutting unit, wrapper transport system, main wrapping unit and outfeed conveyor.

Paper Mills & Paper Converters Needing
  • To wrap paper reams with higher quality
  • Precise wrapping accuracy
  • Minimum manpower
  • Consistent performance
  • Excellent wrapping quality
  • Longer life
  • Easy to operate & very low maintenance
Multiple Wrapping Size Facility
  • A3, Letter, Legal & Office
Digital Batch Code Printer

Technical Specification

Model CRM 50 CRM 100
Wrapping Speed for A4* (reams/minute) 50 80
Wrapping Paper (with or w/o poly laminated) Fine paper Fine paper
Wrapper Paper Reel Diameter (mm) 1000 1000
Wrapper Paper Reel Width (mm) 800 800
Wrapper Paper Reel Core I.D. (mm) 70 to 110 70 to 110
Wrapping Paper GSM 80 to 120  80 to 120
Glue Hot Melt Hot Melt
Rec. Floor space (L x W x H) (meters) 13 X 10 X 6 14 X 10 X 6

Smart Conveyor

Wrapper Roll Unwinder

Wrapper Pulling & Cutting

Over Wrapping Section

Side Wrapping Section

Ream Carrying Conveyor

Control Panel

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