Servo Cutting Unit

Precise cutting
FSS 104DC Servo Cutting Unit

Control Panel

Line O Matic Bunch Conveyor Unit Nova B104E

Reel Unwind Stand

Shaft less lifting
FSS 104 DC Reel Unwind Stand

Pile Delivery Unit

Uniform Stacking
104DC Pile Delivery Unit
  • Meter logo Speed* 250 Meters/Minute
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Folio Size Sheeter

  • FSS 104 DC

FSS 104DC consist of Reel Unwinding Unit, Cutting Tower Unit, Overlapping Unit & Pile Delivery Station. It is suitable to cut various sizes with siemens servo cutting system.

  • Paper Traders, Converters & Mills
  • Sheet Fed Printers
  • Publishers
  • Setting cut size digitally
  • Apply cut size quickly
  • Cost effective sheeting with accuracy
  • Easy to operate & maintain
  • Smart Mark Unit
  • Tag Inserter
  • Center / Side Slitter

Technical Specification

Model FSS 104 DC
Web Speed*(meters/minute) 250
Reel Width (mm) 400 to 1040
Reel Diameter (mm) 1400
Reel Weight (Kgs.) 1500
Core I.D. (mm) 76.2
Cutting Length (mm) 300 to 900 (variation of 1 mm)
Cutting Accuracy: Sheet Length (mm) ± 0.5
                             Sheet Squareness (mm) ± 0.5
Stack Height (mm) 1600
Paper GSM (GSM) 58 to 180
Rec. Floor Space (L x W x H) (meter) 13 X 7 X 3
* Depending upon the quality, GSM of paper and sheet cut length.




Pile Delivery Unit

Servo Cutting Unit

Shaftless Reel Unwind Stand

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