Reel Unwind Stand

Shaft less lifting

Slitting Unit

Pneumetically operated circular knives

Synchro Rotary Cutting Unit

Top & bottom rotary knives

Counting & Collating Unit

Accurate sheet counting by servo

Reel Fed Ream Wrapping Unit

Consistent & quality wrapped reams
  • Max. Speed* 200 Meters/Minute
  • Pockets 4 Maximum

Cut Size Sheeter

  • Ignis RR90

Ignis RR90 consist of shaft less unwinding one twin reel stand, de-curling unit, slitting unit, synchro rotary cutting unit, conveyor unit, collating unit, robot conveyor, ream wrapping unit, centralized control panel (PLC).

Paper Converters Needing
  • High quality end products
  • High level of automation
  • Precise cutting accuracy
  • Low production cost
  • Minimum manpower
  • Consistent performance
  • Excellent wrapping quality
  • Higher profitability and longer life
  • Easy to operate & low in maintenance
  • Digital Batch Code Printer

Technical Specification

Model Ignis RR90
Web Speed** (meters/minute) 200
Ream Wrapping Strokes** (cycles/minute) 15
Unwind Stand  1 Twin Reel Unwind
Reel Width (mm) 440 to 890
Reel Diameter (mm) 1400
Reel Weight (Kgs.) 1300
Core I.D. (mm) 76.2
No. of Pockets 4
Max. Knife Load (GSM) 400
Max. Cutting Width (mm) 840
Paper (GSM) 70,75 & 80
Production Capacity* (Tons for 24 hours working) Up to 20
**Number of paper reels will be used/configured based either on Max. Machine Speed or on Max. Ream Wrapping Strokes
*Depending upon quality and GSM of paper

Unitwise Features

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